SPECIFIC INSTRUCTIONS - invitation letter needed

Guest Editors (in alphabetic order):
• Prof. Josef Krýsa
• Prof. Dionissios Mantzavinos
• Dr. Pierre Pichat
• Prof. Ioannis Poulios

For a research paper, paper length must be appropriate to content. There is no strict page limit, but ESPR advises a maximum length of up to 25 000 characters including 20-30 references, plus 4-6 figures and 1-3 tables. A review is expected to present a critical overview of the state-of-the-art of a topic, with critically selected examples (not only from your own work), to point the reader to trends and likely future developments and to give a selection of important references to the current literature. As a guideline, for a critical review the manuscript is expected to be around 35 000 characters in length, plus figures and tables.

The papers must be prepared according to the instructions for authors; please see INSTRUCTIONS.

Submissions are made online, as follows:
• Go to:
• You may have to create a profile if you haven’t submitted for the Journal yet.
• Choose article type: “Research article” (another article type can also be chosen if you are submitting another type of article)

In “Additional information”, You can choose in the list if you are submitting for a Special Issue (select YES) and select for which Special Issue you are submitting: