Welcome to EAAOP 5 conference.

On behalf of the Organizing and International Scientific Committees, we are glad to invite you to attend the 5th European Conference on Environmental Applications of Advanced Oxidation Processes – EAAOP5 – that will be held in Prague, Czech Republic, on Sunday 25th June – Thursday 29th June 2017.


EAAOP5 is organized by University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, Czech Republic (UCT Prague).

Organizing chair:
Josef Krysa (UCT Prague)


The conference will deal with the following topics:

  • UV-based processes
  • Semiconductor photocatalysis
  • Fenton and Fenton like processes
  • Radiation processes (Sonolysis…)
  • Ozonation technologies
  • Electrochemical processes
  • Wet air and supercritical oxidation processes
  • Catalytic redox processes
  • Zero-valent iron and other reducing agents
  • Disinfection
  • Plasma and Electrohydraulic discharge technologies
  • Pilot-scale studies and field applications
  • AOPs for water and groundwater treatment
  • AOPs for odour and VOC control
  • AOPs for soil remediation
  • AOPs for energy production
  • Coupling AOPs with other processes

Information will be added to the website on a continuing basis as it becomes available to us.

On behalf of the Conference Committees, we look forward to seeing you in Prague!